Student Pilot Certificate

 LicenseA Student Pilot Certificate is the first step to becoming a Pilot.  Although you may begin your flight training prior to obtaining your Student Pilot Certificate, you may not solo until you have the certificate in hand.  This certificate allows you to utilize solo privileges whenever you and your instructor have met certain FAA regulatory criteria. Once you have the Student Pilot Certificate, you are officially a pilot!  You just happen to be on the "student level".  Being a student pilot allows you, under your instructor's supervision, to fly many places in your training aircraft without carrying passengers.  The expiration date of your new Student Pilot certificate will be 5 years.  Most students will become Private Pilots well within that time and the FAA will mail your next Certificate.

Obtaining your Student Pilot Certificate is pretty simple.  Once you choose the best flight instructor for you, set up a meeting.  You and your instructor will sit down at a computer and fill out the on-line application on  The FAA will run a back ground check and within 3 weeks mail you your new Student Pilot Certificate!  In addition, be sure to bring your Passport OR Birth Certificate with government issue photo ID to the meeting.  Your instructor is required to have you show proof of Citizenship prior to your second flight.