Private Pilot Training


A Private Pilot Certificate opens up a world of adventure and freedom.  Imagine flying yourself, family and friends to flights sightseeing around your local area or to vacation spots like Disney World.  You can turn an 8 hour car ride into a beautiful 3 hour flight.  You can turn a two or three day business trip into one day trip and be back home in time for dinner.  A private pilot certificate allows you to fly family and friends, day or night.  Once you finish your training you may rent a plane, purchase your own or go in partnership with one or more people. 

Obtaining your Private Pilot Certificate is easier than you may think.  First, you must pass a basic physical, show proof of citizenship to your flight instructor and sign up for lessons.  If you take one lesson a week, you could obtain your pilot certificate in as little as 6 months.  At two lessons a week, you could be finished in 3-4 months.  If you're extremely motivated, study hard, and fly 3-4 times a week, you could obtain your certificate in two months or less!

It takes about 40 hours of ground school and 40 hours of flight training to reach your goal.  The flight training typically follows this pattern;  Solo around 15 hours, take FAA written around 25 hours, solo to other airports and back around 30 hours and check ride with the FAA examiner around 40 hours.  You are welcome to take discovery flight to see what all of the excitement is about before you commit.


Estimated Cost

Below is a list of typical expenses in order to obtain a Private Pilot certificate.

Pilot Supplies $350.00
Airplane Rental $6200.00
Ground Instruction $1100.00
Flight Instruction $1650.00
3rd Class Medical Exam $150.00
FAA Written Exam $160.00
Checkride Fee $500.00 (Price dependent on Examiner)
Airplane Rental for Checkride $310.00 (Estimated 2 hour flight)
Total (Average Student) $10,950

The AATD simulator may be used towards your Private Pilot Certificate for a maximum of 2.5 hours, providing a savings of $217.50.