Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument

instrument-rating2bAdding the Instrument to you Certified Flight Instructor certificate (CFI-I) allows you to teach Instrument students.  You are no longer limited to only teaching private and commercial students.  You will have the privilege of letting your private pilot students obtain their required 3 hours of instrument training in actual instead of foggles.  You will be allowed to perform Instrument Proficiency Checks for Instrument pilots who have lost their currency. 

Obtaining the CFI-I involves passing a FAA written test, completing the ground and flight requirements to proficiency and passing the oral and flight test with a FAA examiner.


Estimated Cost

Below is a list of typical expenses in order to obtain an Commercial Certificate.

Airplane Rental $1,550.00
Ground Instruction $825.00
Flight Instruction $550.00
Flight Instructor Instrument Written Exam $160.00
Checkride Fee $500.00 (Price dependent on Examiner)
Airplane Rental for Checkride $310.00 (Estimated 2 hour flight)
Total (Average Student) $3,895.00