Accelerated Multi

Accelerated Multi-Engine Commercial Training

Accelerated Multi-Engine Commercial Program 
Already a Commercial Pilot? Ready to finish Multi-Engine add-on training without breaking the bank or time dragging on? Our one week program is designed to get you checkride ready in a as litte time as possible while still providing a top-notch education. 

Before starting, we ensure the student has every resource at thier disposal to reduce time spent with an instructor on the ground. The student will arrive Monday morning ready for the first flight, and fly again that afternoon. Based on how well the student is prepared and how proficeint thier flying skills are, we will determine what days they will fly and whether they can expect a checkride sooner in the week. To learn more about our Accelerated Multi-Engine program, call or email anytime.


Estimated Cost

Below is a list of typical expenses in order to obtain an Multi-Engine Rating.

Pilot Supplies $63.80
Airplane Rental $3,850.00


Ground Instruction $414.00
Flight Instruction $690.00
Checkride Fee $600.00 (Price dependent on Examiner)
Airplane Rental for Checkride $770.00 (Estimated 2 hour flight)
Total (Average Student) $6387.80