Certified Flight Instructor

cfiOnce you have obtained your Commercial Certificate, you may train for the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate.  The CFI allows you to train Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots and administer biannual flight reviews.

Many people obtain their CFI as a way to build time while pursuing the Airline Transport Pilot certificate.  The recruiting staff for the airlines are attracted to applicants who have experience as flight instructors because they understand you have to really understand flying in order to teach flying.  Other people obtain their CFI to share their love and passion for aviation with others.  As a pilot, one of the greatest rewards is teaching another person the fascinating world of aviation! 

To obtain the CFI certificate involves passing two FAA written tests, completing the required ground and flight training to proficiency, perform spin training and pass the oral and flight test with a FAA examiner. 


Estimated Cost

Below is a list of typical expenses in order to obtain an Commercial Certificate.

Airplane Rental $1,860.00
Ground Instruction $2,070.00
Flight Instruction $828.00
FOI Written Exam $160.00
Advanced Flight Instructor Written Exam $160.00
Checkride Fee $800.00 (Price dependent on Examiner)
Airplane Rental for Checkride $310.00 (Estimated 2 hour flight)
Total (Average Student) $6,188.00