Instrument Rating

Adding an Instrument Rating to your private pilot grants you even more freedom to come and go from place to place.  You will no longer have to sit on the ground waiting for the clouds to lift while all of the other pilots take off.  The Instrument Rating allows you to fly family and friends day or night, through the clouds. 

Obtaining your Private taught you half of the piloting skills.  The Instrument Rating teaches you the other half.  You will learn how to finely tune your flying skills and see inside the world of flying that corporate and airline pilots use.  The Instrument Rating gives you the best situational awareness when it comes to communicating with Air Traffic Control because you will now understand the language. 

With the complete understanding of weather, you will fly with confidence.  The Instrument flight training involves learning to control the aircraft solely by reference to the flight instruments, navigation, holding patterns, approaches and instrument cross country procedures.  The FAA requires you to take a FAA written Exam, obtain 40 hours of instrument training and take an oral and
flight test with a FAA examiner.