Commercial Pilot Training

So you think you can fly now, wait until you complete your commercial jet 2Commercial Certificate.  The Commercial training teaches you to become MASTER of the aircraft!  You will fly the aircraft to its limits and back.  You will build time and experience like never before.  You will learn new exciting maneuvers like Chandells, Lazy 8s, Steep Spirals and 8s on Pylons.  You will learn to fly more complex and advanced aircraft. 
All of this training sets you up for the ability to be PAID for flying.  You may now obtain a job such as, corporate pilot, banner towing, flying skydivers, flying pipeline patrol, crop dusting, forestry lookout, repositioning aircraft, photo flights and much more. 
The Commercial training involves passing a FAA written exam, building total flight time up to 250 hours, flying a complex aircraft and passing an oral and flight test with a FAA examiner.  Your professional career as a pilot begins with obtaining your Commercial Certificate.