Multi-Engine Commercial Training

commercial jet 2Whether you choose to add a Multi-Engine rating to your Single-Engine Commercial certificate or obtain your Multi-Engine commercial the first time around, aviation career opportunities will open up.  The Multi-Engine training includes short field takeoff and landing procedures, air work maneuvers, and a wide range of simulated emergency demonstrations.  With 300 horsepower per side, you will experience the most speed and power of your training thus far.  We use a Baron E55 which will excite and challenge you, while preparing you for a professional career in aviation.

If you choose to obtain your Single-Engine Commercial first, we suggest using the Baron for your 10 hours of required complex time.  This accomplishes two things.  Along with fulfilling the complex time requirement, you will have completed a large portion of your Multi-Engine Commercial training.  Then, plan on doing your Multi-Engine checkride immediately following your Single-Engine checkride.  More bang for your buck!

If you choose to obtain your Multi-Engine Commercial first, you will need a minimum of 30 Multi-Engine hours to meet the requirements.  Whichever route you choose should be based on the career opportunity you're seeking.


Estimated Cost

Below is a list of typical expenses in order to obtain an Multi-Engine Rating.

Pilot Supplies $63.80
Airplane Rental $3,500.00
Ground Instruction $414.00
Flight Instruction $690.00
Checkride Fee $500.00 (Price dependent on Examiner)
Airplane Rental for Checkride $700.00 (Estimated 2 hour flight)
Total (Average Student) $5,867.80