Photo Highlights

Congratulations to Dick Williams for obtaining his Commercial Pilot Certificate! 5/9/2018 Congratulations to Jack Liang on his first Solo Flight! Congratulations to Jerry Ng on obtaining his Private Pilot! 3/2/2018 Jerry receives congratulations from his Instructor Michael Curry and his Examiner Tom Burke Congratulations to our newest instructor, Mike Griffith! Cyndy congratulates Mike on all of his hard work Congratulations to Ben Councell, Private Pilot! 1/19/2018 Sam congratulates his student on his accomplishment of becoming a Private Pilot Congratulations to Eric Labraaten on his first Solo flight! 12/11/2017 Curt congratulates Eric on his accomplishment Eric gets his shirt tail removed Bob Squier is now a Certificated Private Pilot! 11/2/2017 Congratulations to Trevor Dimsdale on his first Solo Flight! 11/20/2017 Ian Cowan is now a Private Pilot! 11/10/2017 Ian's family congratulations him on his accomplishment Ian and his instructor Michael Luke Townsend flew his first Solo Flight! 10/26/2017 Sam congratulates Alice on earning her Private Pilot Certificate! Alice Vysata, Private Pilot 10/17/2017 Justin Chaplin received his Single-Engine add on to his Multi-Engine Commercial! 10/19/2017 Congratulations to Jacob McIntosh on his Private Pilot! 9/28/2017 Jerry Ng took his first solo flight! 9/26/2017 Michael congratulates Jerry on his solo flight Ben Councell flew his first solo flight! 9/25/2017 Sam congratulates Ben on his first solo flight

Video Highlights