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Congratulations to Jenna Pitcher on her Commercial Fixed Wing Certificate! 1/11/2019 Michael Congratulates Jenna Will Hay is now a Private Pilot! 12/29/2018 Mike Griffith congratulates Will on his accomplishment Easab Saeed flew his first Solo flight in his C150! 12/29/2018 Congratulations to Dan Brady for him achieving his goals of becoming a Private Pilot! 11/10/2018 Congratulations to Ryan McCutchen on his first Solo flight! 9/13/2018 Mike Griffith congratulates his student, Ryan, on his solo flight Congratulations to Damien Griffin, who came to us from Virginia to finish his Private Pilot Certificate! 9/10/2018 Congratulations to Jenna Pitcher on obtaining her Airplane Single Engine Land Add on! 9/3/2018 Nick Arlege obtained his Private Pilot Certificate with Flight School of Greenville over the summer! Congratulations Nick! 9/2/2018 Mike Congratulates Nick on his Private Pilot Congratulations to Brandon Smith! Private Pilot 9/2/2018 Brandon with his instructor, Mike Griffith Congratulations to Samantha Warren on obtaining her Private Pilot in just one month! 8/30/2018 Congratulations to Tyler Sorensen on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate! 8/22/2018 Sam Grice congratulates Tyler on a job well done Congratulations to Martin Varn on obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate in two weeks! 7/9/2018 Russell congratulates his first Accelerated student, Martin, on all of his hard work Martin Varn flew his first Solo flight! 6/29/2018 Sam Grice congratulates his student Tyler on his first Solo flight Tyler Sorensen flew his first Solo Flight! 6/25/2018 Congratulations to Yu Xi Liang on achieving his Private Pilot Certificate! 6/7/2018 Mike Griffith congratulates Jack on his hard work Congratulations to Cyndy Hollman on her first successful Designated Pilot Examiner Checkride! 6/4/2018

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