Flight School of Greenville is the BEST place to learn to fly!  Our highly professional instructing staff  has a wide range of experience including Part 135 Charter operations, Part 121 Airline operations, Part 141 Flight School operations along with thousands of hours of flight instructing.  What does this mean for you, the student?  It means that we understand your goals and are able to help you achieve them.

Our location in the USA is also an important factor.  Greenville SC has four seasons of weather, nearby mountains,  lakes,  busy airspace, as well as sparsely populated areas.  The South Carolina weather allows us to provide flight training year round! All of these features create a well rounded pilot that is equipped to fly safely and confidently anywhere. 

We have flight training programs which include Private , Instrument, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor and  Instrument Instructor.  We frequently provide beneficial flight reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, recurrent training and Airline interview preparation.  We have the advantage when it comes to providing excellent, affordable flight training.

Accelerated Private Pilot Training

An accelerated flight training course is the most cost and time efficient way to successfully achieve your aviation goals. Studies have shown that intensive, accelerated flight training programs keep the student’s learning curve maximized so you are not spending your very valuable resources re-learning what you forgot from your previous lesson.

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Instrument Training

Getting your instrument rating is one of the best things you can do to improve your skill as a pilot. Having your rating often allows you to complete a flight that otherwise would be delayed or canceled due to weather. The statistics show that getting your instrument rating makes you a much safer pilot.

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Commercial Pilot Training

The Most Cost Effective Way to Improve Your Skills and Start Earning a Living in an Airplane. If you are considering a career in aviation, this is the beginning of that career. If a career in aviation is not your goal, a commercial license will make you a safer and more efficient pilot.

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With over 30 years of experience with numerous FBOs and flight schools, I’ve found some lacking in knowledge, professionalism and quality of aircraft where others have been exemplary in instructing, meeting their student’s individual needs as well as performance of their equipment. Flight School of Greenville is of the latter. All the instructors are personable, capable, and interested in the progress of their students. Of all the numerous instructors I’ve known over the decades, I would even go…
Michael Goodwin